Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is the management of Collapsing Trachea.

What is the management of Collapsing Trachea.
Any kind of pet safety management is a good thing for your dogs safety, I find it alarming at how lax and quick some pet owners are willing to give up their pet yorkie or any other small breed when it
has problems. 

What is the management?
Examination with the fingers and radiographs (x-rays) will generallyconfirm the diagnosis. Depending upon the severity of the condition, medications will help. Veterinarians usually prescribe drugs to help dilate the airways. The coughing is controlled by cough suppressants such as Torbutrol. If the pet is obese, we suggest a stricter diet.
Finally, activity should be restricted and not encouraged. Dogs with collapsing tracheas should wear harnesses instead of collars in order to take any pressure off of the trachea. With the help of medication and modification of lifestyle, the collapsing trachea can be controlled but seldom cured. In severe cases, surgery to help open the airways may be beneficial, but most cases are managed medically not surgically.

Here is the follow up on collapsing trachea, as I promised, I got most of this information from pet education site. Sometimes we find a article that is good enough to republish, the article here about collapsing tracheas is one, so I hope you can learn something from this and it helps you if you ever need this kind of information about yorkies.